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Tracy Burnham 2011 Art Show at Remedy:

November 2011
Opening Friday November 4, 2011


sit and watch it

sit and watch it

Recent work by Tracy Burnham

4799 Telegraph Ave., Oakland
(510) 653-5350

Show up December 1-30, 2010

Show Opening Reception: December 6, 2010 (8-10pst)

Sample Lanesplitter's fabulous pizza & drink up. Shop for your holiday gifts and buy some art. winkwink.




Skate This Art

Greetings Skate Artists,

Thanks for your skate art participation in the Marin Art Festival last weekend; we had a total of 86 pieces on 8 walls in a 20' x 20' tent, and we sold 12!!
Below are the artists' and their pieces that sold at the Marin Art Festival:
1. The Crow and The Wolf: "Ceremony of the Moon"
2. Jon Jordan: "Weather Report"
3. Jolene Yazzie: "Untitled 16"
4. Eddie Schiffer: "Untitled"
5. Laura Jane Levy: "Untitled"
6. Tadi Martinelli Cotta & Walter Wong: "The Wolf and the Stars"
7. Annmarie Koenig: "Untitled"
8. Rocket: "Laskmi"
9. Yzobel: "Mermaid"
10. Anonymous: "Silver Plaza Flock"
11. Erika Yamada: "Midnight Snack"
12. Richard Blakely: "Dream House #5"

Below is a list of artists and their skate art pieces that are currently on display for sale at Powell Street Printers in SF (window display) for the month of July:
1. Rocket" "Radha Krsna"
2. Lauren Matsumoto: "Untitled - Candy Vials"
3. Anna-Lisa Stardust van der Valk: "Follow Me Home"
4. Charlene Landry: "Untitled"
5. Ziad: "The Note"
6. Yu Fang Pang: "Up in the Air'
7. Tracy Burnham: "Armless Bust"
8. Randy Fenton: "Prayer"
9. Midori Meissen: "Fantasy"
10. Ukiah Pearson: "The Mythical Scene Girl"
11. Anonymous/Mivida: "My Pear"
12. Anonymous: "Texas Skull"
13. Anonymous: "Magic Woman"
14. Harry Diggs (RIP): "Untitled"
15. Anonymous: "F**k You!"
16. Jin Hei Kang: "Sting It"
17. Nathan Waak: "Blue Man Board"
18. Ed Handelman: "Untitled"
19. Doris Jean Brown: "Reefer Fish"
20. Blandina Farley "Cruella de Ville"

Below is a list of artists and their skate art pieces that are on currently on display for sale at Hospitality House in SF (window display):
1. Kat A. McWilliams: "Neon Lights" & "San Francisco for Breast Cancer Awareness"
2. Chris Micro: "That's That", "Brother Doom", & "Mos Definitely"
3. Jolene Yazzie: "Mother of War"
4. Simone Coulars: "Cosmic Heart"
5. Matthew Yerge: "Zatoichi"
6. Soveriegn: "Casualties of War - Yellow" & "Casualties of War - White"
7. Devin Tau: "Flower Eaters"
8. Dave McAllister: "Faces" & "Octolove"