Skate This Art

Greetings Skate Artists,

Thanks for your skate art participation in the Marin Art Festival last weekend; we had a total of 86 pieces on 8 walls in a 20' x 20' tent, and we sold 12!!
Below are the artists' and their pieces that sold at the Marin Art Festival:
1. The Crow and The Wolf: "Ceremony of the Moon"
2. Jon Jordan: "Weather Report"
3. Jolene Yazzie: "Untitled 16"
4. Eddie Schiffer: "Untitled"
5. Laura Jane Levy: "Untitled"
6. Tadi Martinelli Cotta & Walter Wong: "The Wolf and the Stars"
7. Annmarie Koenig: "Untitled"
8. Rocket: "Laskmi"
9. Yzobel: "Mermaid"
10. Anonymous: "Silver Plaza Flock"
11. Erika Yamada: "Midnight Snack"
12. Richard Blakely: "Dream House #5"

Below is a list of artists and their skate art pieces that are currently on display for sale at Powell Street Printers in SF (window display) for the month of July:
1. Rocket" "Radha Krsna"
2. Lauren Matsumoto: "Untitled - Candy Vials"
3. Anna-Lisa Stardust van der Valk: "Follow Me Home"
4. Charlene Landry: "Untitled"
5. Ziad: "The Note"
6. Yu Fang Pang: "Up in the Air'
7. Tracy Burnham: "Armless Bust"
8. Randy Fenton: "Prayer"
9. Midori Meissen: "Fantasy"
10. Ukiah Pearson: "The Mythical Scene Girl"
11. Anonymous/Mivida: "My Pear"
12. Anonymous: "Texas Skull"
13. Anonymous: "Magic Woman"
14. Harry Diggs (RIP): "Untitled"
15. Anonymous: "F**k You!"
16. Jin Hei Kang: "Sting It"
17. Nathan Waak: "Blue Man Board"
18. Ed Handelman: "Untitled"
19. Doris Jean Brown: "Reefer Fish"
20. Blandina Farley "Cruella de Ville"

Below is a list of artists and their skate art pieces that are on currently on display for sale at Hospitality House in SF (window display):
1. Kat A. McWilliams: "Neon Lights" & "San Francisco for Breast Cancer Awareness"
2. Chris Micro: "That's That", "Brother Doom", & "Mos Definitely"
3. Jolene Yazzie: "Mother of War"
4. Simone Coulars: "Cosmic Heart"
5. Matthew Yerge: "Zatoichi"
6. Soveriegn: "Casualties of War - Yellow" & "Casualties of War - White"
7. Devin Tau: "Flower Eaters"
8. Dave McAllister: "Faces" & "Octolove"

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